Central California

Meet the Farmers

Farm Name City Farm Name City
Abbate Farms
Baia Nicchia
BTTR Ventures
B-Z Bee
Christopher Ranch
Coke Farms
Colorful Harvest
County Line Harvest
Daylight Farm
Durst Organic Farms
Dwelley Farms
Epic Roots
Fitz Mushrooms
Frution (Rising C Ranch)
Full Belly Farms
French Camp
Berkeley & Sunol
Gilroy & Fresno
San Juan Bautista
Half Moon Bay
Salinas & Watsonville
Solidad & Chular
G Ratto Farms
Glaum Egg Ranch
Global Mushrooms
Gourmet Mushrooms
Guisti Farms
Happy Boy Farms
Knoll Farms
Lakeside Organics
Masa Organics
Ratto Brothers
Ridecut Gristmill
Salad Cosmo Dixon
Stenzell Kiwi Farm
SunRay’s Harvest
Suprema Star
Wo Chong
French Camp
Half Moon Bay
Green Valley
San Francisco


Coke Farm has been producing organic fruits and vegetables for over twenty-five years. It all started in August 1981 when founder Dale Coke planted his first strawberries on his home ranch near Aromas, California.

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Baia Nicchia

A former plant biologist, Fred Hempel logged many hours studying plant development in greenhouses before making the leap into farming. Fred says it was the same excitement for experimentation that first got him into plant science and later organic agriculture.

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BTTR Ventures

BTTR Ventures (pronounced Better) is a 100% sustainable urban mushroom farm founded in Berkeley, California by two 2009 grad students from UC Berkeley. BTTR grows its gourmet mushrooms on recycled coffee grounds from Peets Coffee & Tea and is currently diverting over 7000 lbs a week from the landfill.

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John Foster Apiaries (BZ-Bee) is a quality breeder of Carniolan and Italian Queen bees. With a central valley location in the town of Esparto California, BZ-Bee enjoys the moderate climate of Northern Sacramento region and easy access to clients throughout California and the West Coast.

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Camilo Mondragon

Camilo Mondragon has been working in agriculture since he came to this country about 20 years ago. He has managed his own small family-operated farm on leased land for about 10 years, growing strawberries and other row crops.

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County Line Harvest

Established on a ranch that was right on the Sonoma-Marin border, County Line Harvest received its name for very literal reasons. Since then, the farm has moved only a few miles down the road to charming Petaluma, where the recent purchase by Marin Agricultural Land Trust will forever preserve a 600-acre area for agricultural use.

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Durst Organic Growers, Inc.

For Jim and Deborah Durst, owners of Durst Organic Growers, Inc., soil quality is the center of the organic farming philosophy. Jim Durst credits the success of their fourthgeneration family farm, located just north of Esparto, CA, to the extra care they give to their soil.

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Brentwood has long been a popular destination for city folks in search of good, fresh produce. The roads are dotted with signs for u-pick fruit, homemade pies, jams and the like.

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Full Belly Farm

Nestled in the heart of the Capay Valley, Fully Belly Farms stretches over 200 acres, and offers 80 varieties of certified organic produce. Their farm diversity includes various fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and flowers that are available year round.

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Brothers Paul and Nick Ratto joined together in partnership to take over their family farm back in 1981. However, the history of G Ratto Farms goes back much further than that.

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Happy Boy Farms

Greg Beccio has been farming organically for more than twenty years. He started Happy Boy Farms in 1996 with the aim of providing the freshest high quality produce to local consumers.

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Massa Organics

Greg Massa of Massa Organics has been growing on his 200 acre, Hamilton City farm since 1997. He represents the fourth generation on this farm started by his great grandfather back in 1916.

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Ridgecut Gristmills

Ask Erin McGowan if she always dreamed of running Ridgecut Gristmills, and shell laugh, No, I wasnt a seven year old girl dreaming of milling corn when I grew up. Erins inspiration in founding the company in 2005 was to ensure it was still profitable for farmers to grow corn in Yolo county.

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Twin Peaks Orchard

Twin Peaks Orchard was established in 1912 when the surrounding foothills were considered to be the Fruit Basket of the World. For nearly 100 years, Twin Peaks Orchards has been family owned and operated using the principles of sustainable farming.

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The Chefs Toy Box is a listing of hot items, market trends and seasonal products.


The Chef's Toy Box is a listing of hot items, market trends and seasonal products.